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Before you leave your home to travel to Crystal Blue Resort please read the following:

Passports - Check your passports now to be sure you have at least 2 blank pages and a minimum of 6 months left from the arrival date of your ticket. A Visa stamp will be issued at customs arrival good for 21 days. Your paperwork (received on the jet) and passport will be stamped, they will hand you back a small slip of paper that needs to be kept in your passport for departure.

At the Airport

Exchange US cash for Peso before leaving the airport. Be sure to get small bills. 100.00s, 200.00s and 500.00s for the cab drivers if needed.

Terminal 1 - Taxi’s, Jeepneys and Buses
There are two levels on the arrival deck. The first and immediate exit level is where you will find Taxi service. If you need a Taxi the Taxi stand is on the left, tell them where you need to go, ask the price, write down the number of the taxi (in case you forget something).

Average cab ride cost about to local hotels is about 60.00 pesos (2.50 US). I suggest using the yellow cab unless you have been here before. Do not take a ride from anyone else!! People are very helpful if asked..

Terminal 1 - Resort Transportation
For resort transportation exit the primary building, following the signs to the lower arrival level for pick up. Please look at the pillars in the arrival area and queue up in the “XYZ” area which is on the RIGHT end of guest arrival/pickup staging area “S”) and look across the parking area. DO NOT WALK AROUND…Our driver has a sign and will be looking for you.  Security is very strict about people coming into the arrival area so you will need to look for the sign that says “Crystal Blue” Once you have spotted the driver make your way over, they will come as far as they can and help you.

Terminal 2 - Philippine Air Arrivals
Philippine air has their own terminal. After collecting your gear please exit to the Front of the terminal. The PAL pick-up area pillars have numbers on them, look up and you will see a giant number signs. Go to Number 18 and our driver will look for you there.  Again, we cant park the van at the curb, a resort representative or driver will find you, please don’t stand behind a pillar. Remain in the greeting area..

Terminal 3 - International or domestic travel.
Meet our driver at "Pillar 8" for curbsice pickup or look for our driver with the crystal blue sgn waitng at the welcoming area.



Driving Directions To Crystal Blue Resort From Manila

Option 1:

1. Take the South Super Highway (also known as SLEX or South Luzon Expressway).
2. Pay SLEX toll P214.00 at the Calamba exit.
3. Continue along SLEX which will lead to the new STAR TOLLWAY (approx 6km/4mi).
4. You will pay two toll fees, the first is P25.00 then a second one for P67.00 at the end of STAR TOLLWAY (Batangas Exit). Star tollway is 40kms/24mi from start to end of toll.
5. The road will split into three in 200meters/.1mi. Take the one straight ahead that leads to the Batangas pier.
6. You will see a Toyota car dealership on the left.
7. Keep going straight until you see the flyover. Go under the flyover and turn right at the intersection.
8. Keep going straight on this road for about 4.5km/2.7mi until you see Jollibee (fast food restaurant). Turn right.
9. Follow the road until it curves to the left.
10. Keep going, you will see Metrobank on the left, then Petron gas station on the right.
11. Shortly after Petron gas station, you will cross a short bridge.
12. Right after crossing the bridge, turn left towards the shipyards. You will pass AG&P and Keppel Shipyards.
13. In about 8.8km/5.4mi, you will reach the triangle Mabini shrine, turn right.
14. Stay on this road which heads out to the Anilao pier.
15. Turn left before the pier, you will start seeing resort signs along the way.
16. Go straight until you see a newly constructed basketball court (blue roof) to your right. A few meters from the basketball court you will see signages pointing to a downward road. Among the signages is Crystal Blue Resort.
17. There is a left turn at the end of the downward road, CBR is at the end of that road.

OPTION 2 is about 30-45 minutes faster. Steps 13-17 would remain the same, but instead of taking a left after the short bridge, you take a right turn before it.


You will be transported back to the airport where you will need to show your passport to get into the front door. The security check is right up front. From there locate your airline and check in the bags.

International Departure tax is $17.00 approximately. US currencies are accepted.
Domestic flight departure tax $8.00 approximately. US currency are accepted.

Contact Person: Connie Sevilleno
Office Phone: +63908.872.6401
Mobile Phone: +63921.299.9155

Mike Bartick

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