Blue Ring OctopusDid you know? The blue ringed octopus is perhaps the worlds most poisonous cephlapod. However these dangerous sea creatures are both timid and photogenic and have been pursued by many photographers worldwide. Their vibrant blue spots begin to glow when this critter feels threatened, flushing and fading over and over until the perceived threat disappears. BRO’s love rocky outcroppings and reef structure to live and hunt, they are a small creature that blends well with all manner of reef life. Once found the coveted Blue Ring makes a superb photo subject.

Tetrodotoxin or TTX is a potent neuortoxin produced by a symbiotic bacteria that resides within the Blue ring octopus. The poisonous TTX potion is transmitted through its saliva as a result of a bite.

BROs arent aggressive towards humans but extreme caution should be excersized when photographing them. Touching the skin tissue can also transmit the TTX although not enough to be fatal. TTX is also found in many other organisms such as Pufferfish, Mola-Mola Triggerfish and some tunicates, certain crabs and more.

TTX is 100 times more deadly then Potassium cyanide.

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