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Private 1:1 or Semi Private Instruction (2-4 guests) for ½ day or full day instruction and is conducted by our in-house photo pro, Mike Bartick. Each session covers skills and techniques that are used to create stunning photos and memories.

Topics include:

  • Macro Photography
  • Super Macro Photography
  • Fluoro Photography-Night dives only
  • Wide Angle Photography
  • Animal Behavior Photography
  • Lighting

Each ½ day course is a 3-phased approach

  • Theory discussion
  • In-Water instruction
  • Follow up photo review and critique

Full day Courses

  • add an afternoon and night dive follow up theory and photo review.

Fluoro Photography is the latest in Nightime Underwater Photography. Imagine on a night dive, shutting off your conventional dive light and seeing the night sea glowing before you. UV lighting and filters make this possible to not only see, but to photograph. Build your knowledge and skills, add to your portfolio, or just try something new. Non-Photographers can enjoy this just as much as photographers making it perfect for couples.